About Voyager

Voyager was a monthly Internet webzine that brought fans of jam and roots music the thoughts, philosophies and insights of their favorite artists. The magazine began in April of 1999 as Feedback magazine. In its earliest incarnation it was an eight-page print `zine oriented towards musicians and was only distributed in the Atlanta area. Within a year the magazine had changed its name to Voyager (copyright issues), become a Web site as well as print `zine, and was being distributed to locations all over the East coast. Within two warmly-received regional print issues we became Internet-only! Plenty o' readers, just not enough advertisers. Voyager became Internet-only in January of 2001, and, after creator Art Howard found he could his articles and interviews printed in "larger" venues (and get paid for it), he closed Voyager in September of 2001.

Why is it called Voyager?

The name referred to the various sorts of journeys one takes through music, either going outside of commercial radio and MTV to find "their music," following their favorite band on the road, or just spacing out to a good tune. "Road Trips, Music Trips, Mind Trips" is our motto.

Could Voyager give me increased self-esteem, improved concentration, and high sexual stamina?

Absolutley "yes" to all of the above. Results may vary. This is not a legal claim.

I've got a rockin' band and I want you to write about us.

Great! Send your stuff to Art Howard, P.O. Box 998, Marietta, GA 30061.

Other questions, just e-mail us!