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Blueground Undergrass

  Blueground Undergrass Jeff and Johnny Mosier's "Psychedelic Hick-hop Blues-grass Band."  Have jammed with Phish, Leftover Salmon, The Allman Brothers and appeared in Relix. Jeff Mosier is the one who suggested the concept of this site to me.

Breeze Kings

  The Breeze Kings are a great original blues band led by Carlos "The Breeze" Capote on vocals and harmonica. They opened for Bo Diddley at The Tabernacle in Atlanta!

  Iratowns is probably the only "jam band" that blends classical influences with their rock, bluegrass and jazz. They've jammed with members of Bela Fleck, Widespread Panic, Blueground Undergrass and Leftover Salmon. Isn't it time you heard them, too?

  Emma Gibbs Band Watching the progress of these guys in just a couple of years has been a proud experience. First saw them as the, "Great band. What was the name again?" act on bills at Smith's Olde Bar. Now they regularly sell out Smith's, as well as the Wetlands in New York, and they've opened for Widespread Panic. Six guys, none of whom are named Emma.


  Mudcat Danny "Mudcat" Dudeck is a great showman who appears solo or with his fabulous  Piedmont blues band of the same name.  Good friends of Taj Mahal; co-organizers and performers in the Winston Blues Revival Tour that sold-out L.A., Chicago, NYC, New Orleans, and everywhere in between.

Ghost Trane -- One of the new proud products of the Atlanta jam scene.

Ancient Harmony -- The pride of Albany, Georgia and Southeastern ambassadors of the Real Psychedelic Deal.

Jennifer Daniels - If you're into the introspective acoustic vibe, you should take a listen to this lady from Lookout Mountain, Tennessee.


Foxtrot Zulu -- Nate Edmunds is a good guy from Rhode Island leading this good band. They've also been in Relix a lot.

Pain -- Pop ska punks from Tuscaloosa, Alabama with a three-piece horn section.  Curious yet?   You should be!  Wanna know how the Seven Inch Cowboy defeats his foe, The Mad Professor Mentley?  Click da link.
Agent Cooper -- In these days of three-chord pop rockers Agent Cooper's orchestral progressive rock sound is a breath of fresh air.  Their song "Desolate Supreme" is a must-hear tune.

The Home Grown Music Network - Spreading the best music being made today! Focusing on live and improvisational music including: jam, jazz, funk, psychedelic, rock, blues, bluegrass, world and more!


Magic Bus Music Forum - Very talented Web designers who also pitch in their considerable skills to help good music succeed.

The Ultimate Touring Network for Independent Bands

Music Tour Bus - Organization helping the Honest musician tour more easily.

Mr. Lee - Jam Band coverage from frequent Relix contributor, Lee Abrams. - One of the best Jam band resources on the `Net.


Shut Eye Records - Atlanta's label for the best in underground alternative, punk, and other styles.

Deep Blue Sun -- Hosts of the infamous Farm Parties and purveyors of groovy cool.
The Vermont Review - The entertainment magazine that comes right out of the state where all this jam stuff started.

The Dunhams -- The place where I first heard of all this "jam band" business. WZGC-FM 92.9/Atlanta.


Wildman Steve - Ace washboardist who has been seen with moe., Blueground Undergrass and others now has his own radio show on WNEQ-FM in Auburn, Alabama, and a Web record store to boot! -- If you take a 4-20 with these photos, you will be sooo glad you did. The Willie Nelson pics are especially off the chain. Also Blueground Undergrass, String Cheese, the usual suspects.


TAXI -- Don't call them when you're too drive to drunk. However, if you're a band looking to make a record with a major company, you might want to contact them.


-- For over 30 years the Bible on all things improvised, rootsy and psychedelic.