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I was never officially approved to write and circulate these press releases. However, they did result in stories on radio trade sites R&R, All and Radio The Regular Guys also had me as a guest on their show the following Tuesday when they returned to the air.

By the way, the photo at left is about five years old. They've both lost weight since then.


Press Release #1



(Conyers, GA 8/17/01)

Regular Guys morning show hosts Larry Wachs and Eric Von Haessler put a new twist on the term "shock jocks" Friday during a remote at Caddy's Sports Bar and Grill in Conyers, Georgia. The hosts, who broadcast on 96 Rock in Atlanta, were the ones who were shocked as their producer climbed onstage and signaled them to wrap a half hour early, the plug was pulled, and the crew immediately began tearing down the equipment.

The morning show remote had received a visit from the Rockdale County Sheriff's Department earlier in the morning when a listener notified authorities that sexual acts were being commited during the show. Wachs and Von Haessler had offered Madonna tickets to any gay man who would visit the show and have sex with a woman. To prove his homosexuality, the gay man had to kiss another man and feel his genitals through his pants. Because police were present, Wachs and Von Haessler just had two gay men who dropped by the show hug for the tickets. Another contest featured two exotic dancers in G-strings and pasties doing erotic dances for men in boxer shorts; the man who could go the longest without becoming aroused won $300.

Regular Guy Larry Wachs says the plug was pulled on the show for two reasons, "The Sheriff/DA is an a**hole on a power trip," he says, and, "Some people feel it's proper to call the cops when they hear things on the radio they don't like." Wachs says he feels the club owner stopped the show under pressure from the police, who had hung around to monitor the proceedings.

"I'm actually the one that pulled the plug on the deal, not the Sheriff's department," says Rich Young, owner of Caddy's. "It's not the censorship issue that you think. I was paying for a promotion; my image was tied to their image. I didn't like where it was carrying me. Larry and Eric are wild." Young claims he sleeps late and was not familiar with the hosts' style before hiring them.

Young pulled the plug during a discussion of what was the strangest inanimate object the hosts had ever made love to. Wachs says the duo have done the same sorts of activites at other promotions in Atlanta, and also when working for KLSX-FM/Los Angeles, without incident. Club owner Young says that though he was upset at the morning shows' lewd stunts, the club had it's own bikini contest planned for that afternoon and was promoting the day as, "'Pitch a Tent at Caddy's', meaning to camp out here all day long."

Wachs says the WKLS legal department's advice concerning the incident has been, "Have fun."

The sports bar's owner says of the Sheriff's department, "These are the people who grant my liquor license. I'm not going to stir up the nest too hard over nothing." Of the Regular Guys he says, "I think they had a great day in radio."

Afternoon DJ Tim Rhodes filled in for the Regular Guys Monday morning. On the air Rhodes told listeners the show would return to the air Tuesday "pending an internal investigation by station executives."

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Press Release #2



(8/21 Atlanta, GA)

Larry Wachs and Eric Von Haessler, 96 Rock/Atlanta's "Regular Guys," returned to the air Tuesday morning. The team was off the air Monday after having a live remote yanked from the airwaves on Friday. The morning team had been doing a promotion from Caddy's Sports Bar & Grill in Conyers, Georgia, when Rockdale County Sheriff's deputies arrived at the show. With a half-hour to go, the producer walked on stage and told Wachs and Von Haessler to wrap the show, and WKLS-FM switched to music programming immediately. Though it initially appeared the show was being shut down by deputies, it was later discovered that Caddy's owner Rich Young had pulled the plug, claiming he felt uncomfortable with the content of the show.

On the air Tuesday morning Wachs and Von Haessler speculated that the bar owner called the Sheriff's department himself in order to pull extra publicity from the event.

Von Haessler said, "I'm not saying the guy who owns Caddy's IS an a**hole, I'm just saying he ACTED like one." Wachs, reading an article from the Rockdale County Citizen newspaper, said, "He says our conduct was lewd and vulgar, but he felt okay to breach his promise to us that he wouldn't sell liquor until 8 o'clock? But we're 'lewd and vulgar' because we like to see girls in underwear." The team also said that unbeknownst to them, Young had been charging fans a $10 cover at the door, and neither they nor 96 Rock were given a percentage.

Wachs promised that the show will return to Conyers and, "We're gonna have a sex-drenched show! Drenched! Bathing in sex!"

The morning remote was initially visited by police because of a phone call claiming sexual acts were being performed on the show. The show was running a contest where a gay man had to have sex with a woman to win Madonna tickets. To prove his homosexuality, the man had to kiss another man and feel his genitalia through his pants. Another contest had exotic dancers performing for men stripped to their boxer shorts; the man who could go the longest without being aroused won $300.

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96 Rock General Manager is Pat McDonnell.

Regular Guys producer: Tim Frazier
ART HOWARD is a freelance writer and is NOT employed by Clear Channel Communications, WKLS-FM, the Regular Guys morning show, or Caddy's Sports Bar & Grill.

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